There will be lots of advantages of working with us for wooden wall cladding and we are one of experience good company

There will be lots of advantages of working with us for wooden wall cladding and we are one of experience good company.  You will be the architect of each product, and you can make many changes to the products. For example, such as cinema seats and seating groups, sofa sets cannot be changed. Because basically it is spongy products, plastic parts and other parts made in steel molds. But furniture or other types of products, such as allowing you to change sizes or shapes in accordance with the request of the client. However, in groups of seats, you can also make changes in size and shape, but it will be little bit expensive and should be a bulk order.

When you decide to work with us for wooden wall cladding before production, we need your approval

Representative will submit to you all kind materials. So you decide for the best details of each products. And after your approval for each product. Production begins and goods deliveries on the time. Before delivery, we inform the customer that products soon ready. We follow all logistics until the products delivering to the customer.

For wooden wall cladding and sofa and also most of products that we are one of good suppliers and manufacturers at low prices and good quality

We are in this industry more than 16 years. We are very proud that many successful projects have been completed by our company. Mostly we exported our products to many countries. What makes us happy is that we have always received positive feedback from our customers. We have innovated modern products range. All of our products have TSE certificate, we never allow the use of poor quality raw materials in our products.

Let us be one of manufacturers for wooden wall cladding

We are confident that we provide our customers highest quality products.  We accept our duty to provide the best service to our customers. Finally, we are ready with expert colleagues in their fields.

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